Sports is alive, exciting and better than sex. Okay, the latter is “debatable”. However, undoubtedly, sports IS better via the Travis Thomas Experience – where uncensored, unapologetic commentary and entertainment meets sports. If it sounds like he is living out his dreams, that’s because he is. Travis Thomas grew up in a small town in southern Maryland with big love for sports and an even bigger personality, so aspiring to be a Sports Broadcaster was a natural one. Travis graduated from Towson in 2005 with a degree in Television & Radio Production, going on to work for several TV & Radio stations in Baltimore, DC and his hometown. His mother’s passing in 2009 re-inspired Travis to live life to the fullest by fulfilling all of his dreams. Currently, Travis is a Producer/Reporter in DC and On-Air Radio Personality in Baltimore. With Showbiz genius Jay Z as an idol and smalltown-hardworking ethics, Travis is set to perfect his craft in his own Travis-Thomas way!